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    Shark APEX Uplight Review: Is It the Best Stick Vacuum in 2022?

    The Shark APEX Uplight has had a very good run. First released in 2019, three years later, this model is still super popular among users. It stands out for its lightweight and compact form factor, high performance, and most importantly, its affordable pricing.

    Eyeing a Shark APEX Uplight as your new vacuum cleaner. In that case, this Shark APEX UpLight review from our writer,  Meredith Smith, is an essential read!

    Shark APEX UpLight Vacuum Review

    • Performance

    The Shark APEX Uplight has excellent performance, especially on bare floors. In our performance tests, the Uplight dealt with dirt and debris of various kinds with surprising ease. We have tested much more expensive vacuums that were only able to provide a fraction of the APEX Uplight’s performance.

    It did especially well in the tests with pet hair on the bare floors. The vacuum’s spinning brush roll and high suction power were able to suck everything clean with only a few passes.

    Where it got stuck, though, is on carpeting. When tested on low-pile and high-pile carpets, the vacuum could only deal with around half to ¾ of the dirt and debris on the piling. It’s still a very impressive cleaning performance for the size and price of the vacuum, though!

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    • Design

    The design of the APEX Uplight was great. Since it is a stick vacuum, it has a very slim body, allowing it to squeeze into tight corners and around furniture. Our testers really like the way it handles.

    The whole vacuum weighs around 11.2 pounds, which is fairly heavy for a stick vacuum. Nonetheless, it should still be light enough for most people to use comfortably, including those with medical conditions like arthritis. Shark has made the APEX Uplight very accommodating with the ergonomic handle.

    • Air Filtration

    Like every vacuum cleaner in this price range, the Shark APEX Uplight comes with two air filters: a pre-motor filter and a HEPA filter. They are replaceable, but they are durable enough that you only need to replace them once every few years.

    • Dust Cup

    The vacuum comes with a 0.18 gallon dust cup. It is quite large for a stick vacuum. You can comfortably clean the whole house without having to empty the cup halfway through the session.

    • Power Cord

    The power cord measures 30 inches long. It is long enough that you most likely won’t need to use an extension cord (but it’s always an option).

    • Accessories

    One of the best things about the Shark APEX Uplight is that it comes with a wide range of accessories. Opening the box, you get a turbo brush, which you can use to clean up pet hair. A hard bristle brush for cleaning rough surfaces like concrete. A crevice tool for reaching deep into awkward spaces and taking out the brushes there.

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    Shark Apex uplight lift-away duoclean is no doubt a great purchase for the money. As it is a fairly old model, if you know where to look, you can probably find a new unit at a discount. In that case, it’s going to be the perfect value vacuum.


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