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    i catch fish like nothing you've ever seen.

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Fishing Report

1) hi
2) secret spot
3) lot's of BIG crappie and lots
4) good spot if you dont get caug
5) very awsome spot for big bass
6) my river spot if i want alot o
7) under the bridge is very stron
8) lots of white and striped bass
9) 4 pounds away from state recor
10) again dont get caught!
11) very good spot if you hit it a
12) very shallow log piley island.
13) one of the best spot's i've fi
14) very nice place here.big,clear
15) any of lake ozark is gooood fo
16) lot's of log's stickin out of
17) very large lake,only fished a
18) another big lake with big bass
19) another big lake worth trying.
20) one of my fav's
21) good clear average sized lake.
22) muddy little lake's with good
23) rocky,shallow and swift here.
24) fished this once so not sure w
25) big lake i fished.