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Daniel Farrohi
Daniel - World Class
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Home Town: Wellesley MA., MA, USA
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About Me: Fishing is fun, fishing is great. But when the fish are all gone, we must fish in anoher pond. Then we will fish, with our line in the water, while we wait for more fish to nip.

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Daniel Farrohi's
Fishing Report

1) Longfellow pond
2) Deep sea
3) a great place to fish
4) Mousam Lake
5) copper river
6) Talarik Creek
7) Owens river
8) White River
9) Charles river
10) Lake Fork
11) Cape cod canal
12) Henry Hagg Lake
13) Althea Lake
14) Ames long pond.
15) Ashland Reservior
16) Alum Creek
17) Acton creek
18) Atwood lake
19) bERLIN laKE
20) Lake Burr oak
21) Lake clark
22) Lake Bardwell
23) Carter LAke
24) ALma Pond
25) Brant Lake
26) Cohocton River
27) bear LAke
28) Lake Chine
29) Big sandy Reservoir
30) Corn creek
31) Green River
32) Belas lake
33) Bogart Lake
34) Clear lake
36) Lake Corey
37) Duck lake
38) Coffie Pond
39) Cold stream lake
40) Colyer Brook
41) Cliff Island
42) Port Clyde
43) Bass harbor
44) test fisher
45) fisher spot
46) Good for fly fishing

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