New! Fishing reports from all over the world on your own interactive fishing map.

How to Use

Please register or logon by clicking here: My Fishing Report.
Then follow these three simple steps: Maneuver, tag & brag!

1. Maneuver

A) Drag the marker to where you would like to mark a spot.You can use the Zoom buttons and search window to change the map.
B)Your spot location will be automatically filled in to include city,state,countory,latitude and longitude.

2.Select the spot type via drop down box over the map.
With the map focused on your fishing area, left click and hold down with your mouse on the fish, then drag the over to your fishing location. Several options exit for you to choose from:
A) Shared Spots : The most commonly used spot to show everybody how you did! You earn the most points by tagging this type of spot.
B) Secret Spots : If would rather just comment on the regional fishing, you may do so with this type of spot. You may also add to a regional spot by double clicking on those that already exist.
C)Regional Spots : Yes, I have them too. Some spots are just that way and we entirely understand. Here's an entirely confidential way to track and record your success in those secret fishing holes. They will be hidden in your fishing log and will only be seen by you and any close friends you choose to let in.

3. Brag!
All right, you don't have to if it's not exactly your style. There are three main ways to upload information
  • Text. You may use the site as an online fishing journal or to show the world your fish. Post whatever information you'd like about the fishing.
  • Pictures. You may upload up to 12 pictures for any given day of fishing
  • Video: You may even upload 6 videos for any given day of fishing. To do so, we partnered with Please visit Once you've uploaded a utube video, you're given an opportunity to enter the video address into our website so everyone can see!

For example, one user may zoom-in to the bend of a river where his son caught a first fish, upload an image of that fish and proceed to talk about that day. Another user may just elect to talk more generally about trolling the Mexican coastline and boast about the size of his prized marlin. Other users will then be able to see these posts, share posts with friends and even filter posts based upon their unique interests by dozens of fishing methods and water types. Thus providing, for example, the ability to exclude discussion about fly fishing or to read only about bass fishing in freshwater ponds. The posts visible will correlate to the bounds of the map so as you zoom-in, the content shown becomes more specific

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