About Us

Across the world there are about 300 million recreational fishermen.

The American Sportfishing Association Census concludes that inn the US alone, over 44M anglers reside and that sportfishing (non-commercial fishing) provides 1.06M jobs.

Did you know that more people fish than play golf and tennis combined? Yet we are grossly underrepresented online! Until Now.

My-Fishing-Report.com provides you:

  • The #1 outlet for keeping track of your fishing over time.
  • A way to find the best fishing spots no matter where you may travel in the world.
  • A way for professional anglers to post "field reports" on their fishing for your educational benefit.
  • A way for community service groups to publicize their efforts to garner increased awareness and support.
  • The opportunity to network within the fishing community to share, learn and connect with fellow anglers.
  • A way to build online groups of fishermen who share spots with secret password access.

Access to the site is entirely free. Please enjoy, connect and benefit as much as you possibly can. Further, I encourage you to use this site as much as possible and to share this site with those in and out of the fishing community. In doing so, we will serve to strengthen fishing as a great pastime and preserve its popularity.